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Services for buyers

Buying a property is one of those enormous decisions which can have life-changing consequences.
For some people it can mean a 30 year mortgage which is a serious commitment.
For others, cash buyers, it still needs to be a sound and valid investment.
For everybody there needs to be the ‘falling in love’ factor.

Finding this property is a huge undertaking especially if you intend ‘going it alone’.

  • It means days of research sorting through endless listings of properties and organising an itinerary which might work on paper, but in reality is more likely to be a geographic nightmare! 
  • It means, as often happens, should your criteria change while you are ‘on the road’, a great deal of time will be wasted viewing houses you have already mentally discarded.
  • It will mean appointments with many different agents who you will be hard pushed to put a name to, even though one of them may hold the key (literally!), to the house of your dreams.
  • It means, should you be directed to the right house you may well be too exhausted to recognise it, let alone fall in love with it!!

Established in 1997, our agency has successfully closed hundreds of sales and has acquired a reputation for being professional, friendly and above all, scrupulous in its attention to detail.  As a testament to this, many of our clients have only praise and thanks for the service we provided them:

Some people may think it luck that we continue to sell so many properties – even during troubled times.
We consider it an expression of our professionalism and a genuine love of our work.
We have learnt from experience, how to successfully match-make the right people to the right houses. We know it requires empathy, intuition and a sizeable portfolio of properties; properties to magic out of a hat when parameters change. We also know that house hunting should be made a pleasure and an adventure. After all, if we hope for you to ‘fall in love’, we should at least set the scene for a romance!

Most importantly of all however, we realise the significance of earning the trust of our clients.  This is not easy given the endemic aversion most people have to estate agencies (let’s not beat about the bush!), but altering this attitude has become our personal crusade.  To date we have a 100% success rate.

We know that hard work, efficiency and transparency are the keys to being a good estate agency.
We know that by providing this service we will save you both time and money: 

  • By clarifying ideas from the outset and discarding properties which don’t match your exact requirements.
  • By steering you toward the right properties including those that are not necessarily listed. 
  • By assessing a property’s investment value and telling you if it is being sold at a fair market price.
  • By checking the property out for any possible problems and finding legitimate solutions should any issues arise.
  • By providing you with its complete file allowing you to have everything checked and confirmed for yourself.
  • By assisting during negotiations and establishing terms and conditions that will satisfy all parties.
  • By circumnavigating the complexities of local and EU regulations with regard to issues of conformity.
  • By organising a survey before any commitment is made ensuring there will be no nasty surprises.
  • By finding you the best terms and conditions for a mortgage, if required.

And should you decide to take the plunge

  • By providing you assistance, in English, throughout the entire purchase process with written translations of all pertinent documentation including the survey.
  • By taking you step by step – together with a registered Italian notary - through each legal phase of the purchase thereby removing the necessity and added cost of an international lawyer.
  • By providing a trouble-free purchase and ensuring you are legally safeguarded up to the moment of completion.
  • By transferring all utilities into your name after the sale and assisting you any way we can with your move, including the organisation of any works that might need to be done, finding you a caretaker, gardener, cleaner etc….

How we work:

Initial contact

Our first responsibility is to understand and interpret your criteria. We initially do this via email, asking you for a ‘wish list’ of what you are ideally looking for and what sort of budget you can comfortably afford. We will then forward you a selection of properties and ask you for some feedback. We will continue this exchange, perfecting your choices, until you are ready to make a trip out and view.


On the basis of the properties you have picked out, we will organise an itinerary. Ideas are often clarified during viewings and parameters can change, so the more time you can dedicate to us the better. It is always a good idea to schedule in a return viewing for any properties you might like.  Three or four properties will take a whole morning or afternoon to view.  Anything more requires a good day out.

During the viewings

During the viewings an open exchange of information is fundamental to us. The more insight you can give us on each individual property, the more we are able to understand your requirements. If necessary, we can re-work the itinerary and arrange viewings of alternative houses which might prove more suitable.


We collaborate with a number of other local agencies. If you would also like to see properties listed by another agency, we are happy to make contact with them and organise a viewing.  All you need do is provide their details. There would be no extra cost should you choose to purchase one of these properties.  We would act as your agent, represent you in the negotiations and undertake, as if it were a property of our own, all the necessary searches.


As an agency we don’t just highlight the good points of a property. We will also inform you of what we might consider negative aspects. Your pocket is just as important to us as our reputation!

Before we say goodbye

We will provide you with all the pertinent technical information for any properties you are interested in i.e. floor plans measurements and land maps and will also calculate for you the purchase costs, annual taxes, notary fees etc…, so that you are fully informed as to what costs you will incur if you choose to buy.


We will undertake any negotiations on your behalf and by liaising between you and the seller, will define a timeline, price, conditions, methods of payment and organise every other relevant detail (including  the survey) to ensure the whole purchase process proceeds smoothly.

Useful information

For details of the purchase process see "Useful information"


For details of the Notary’s role and competence in Italian law see "Useful information".